Continuous Furling Line Accessories

Jimmy Green Marine offer a range of accessories e.g. blocks and fairleads from Harken, Profurl and Selden to successfully complete the installation of your continuous furling line.

Continuous furling lines need an end to end (also known as continuous) splice to create an endless loop.
Ideally, the splice should not increase the rope diameter so that it the entire length can pass around the wheel and through the blocks/fairleads without causing any issues e.g. snagging or abrasion.
Continuous furling lines require a tight weave outer jacket in order to prevent any slack building up on entry to the wheel.
The Jimmy Green Rigging Team suggest Marlow MGP 50 Continuous Sheet, available to purchase with or without the Jimmy Green splice.

Continuous Furling Line

The furling line is generally led aft to the cockpit or at least to a position on the aft quarter accessible from the cockpit.
It may be helpful to arrange the line so that it will reach a winch at an acceptable angle.
Shock Cord bungee elastic, also known as a take-up for this task, can be a very useful addition to the system set up if you are simply runniong the double line back along the side deck.
The shock cord can attach the line to e.g. the pushpit or stanchion base to keep the line taut and tidy when not in use.
A snatch block on the furling line may be required for this unless you get a fitting reeved onto the line before the splice is completed.
Double Lead Blocks, Fairleads and Jammers which do not need to be reeved on to the line prior to splicing are available to run the furling line along the stanchion bases.

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