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Furling Systems

Jimmy Green Marine offer 3 different types of headsail furling system according to sail shape, each quite different but designed to achieve broadly the same outcome.

Headsail furling also known as roller reefing is a system designed to reef or dowse the headsail when the breeze freshens too much and for convenient stowage when not at sea. The reefing (furling) is achieved by rolling the headsail up so that it presents reduced or no sail area to the breeze

Select your furling system based on the type of sail to be furled:

  1. Jib Reefing Systems

    Are suitable for jibs, genoas and yankees with a luff rope and flat sail shape.

    You can select and purchase your DIY furling system from Jimmy Green online, choosing from the leading brands: Plastimo, Profurl, Harken and Selden. These systems feature aluminium foil sections which you can fit yourself following the manufacturer instructions.

  2. Straight luff furlers

    Are suitable for code zeros and gennakers with more luff shape than flatter headsails. They require an anti-torsion line to be sewn into the luff. You can purchase all the requisite parts online from Jimmy Green selecting from a choice of top manufacturers: Profurl, Selden, Karver and Harken.
  3. Top down furlers

    Are ideal for asymmetric spinnakers with a loose luff. You can purchase all the requisite parts online from Jimmy Green including the anti torsion line and clamps. Choose your top down furler from the top manufacturers: Profurl, Selden, Karver and Harken. These systems can be fitted together yourself.
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