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LIROS Magic Pro Halyards

LIROS Magic Pro Article 01507 - Low Stretch Dyneema Core Performance Halyard

The colour matching Dyneema braided core is designed and manufactured specifically to operate as a fully functioning rope with the LIROS XTR coating as added UV and abrasion protection.

Cover: 16 plait spin dyed specially developed Grip Fibre Polyester
Core: Colour Matching Dyneema® SK78, LIROS Heat-Stretch-System, LIROS XTR Protective Grip-Coating

  • Excellent holding power in cleats
  • Good Grip around winches
  • Solid shape retention around winches - firm, compact braid construction doesn't flatten
  • Runs freely through block and sheaves
  • Ideal for cover stripping
Diameter LBL WLS
3mm 450kg <1.5%
4mm 620kg <1.5%
5mm 1250kg <1.5%

LBL = LIROS Break Load
WLS = Stretch at Working Load

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