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Barton Ball Bearing Blocks

Barton Ball Bearing Blocks feature a unique super-low friction ball race system, comprising acetal sheaves and delrin ball bearings running on a large diameter centre boss.

The Barton ball bearing design fits in more load-bearing balls, and consequently promotes extremely low friction performance, even under high loads.

Barton Ball Bearing Blocks Specifications:
Barton Size Maximum Line Ø Sheave Ø Single/Double Sheave Ø Fiddle Lower Sheave Ø Sheave Width SWL MBL MLR
Size 1 8mm 30mm na na 12mm 355kg 710kg 245kg
Size 2 8mm 35mm 30mm 45mm 12mm 370kg 740kg 260kg
Size 3 10mm 45mm 30mm 58mm 13mm 400kg 800kg 270kg
Size 4/5 12mm 54mm 38mm 64mm 17mm 750kg 1500kg 525kg

Ø = Diameter MBL = Manufacturer (Barton) rated break load SWL = Safe Working Load MLR = Maximum Rolling Load = the maximum free running load that ball bearing blocks will accept before ball bearings distort.

Barton Advisory on Break Loads: Where break and safe working loads are stated, it is assumed that all sheaves are evenly loaded as in a purchase tackle. Uneven loading, or loading of one sheave in a double or triple block, will severely affect strength quoted.

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Barton Size 1 Single Fixed Ball Bearing Block

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Barton size 7 block with becket on a Dyneema spliced strop.