Fibre Dinghy Rigging  

Fibre stays are increasing in popularity and it's easy to see why. Less weight aloft increases performance while increased strength contributes to increased loading safety margins. Fibre should be specified by comparing stretch at the working load of the stainless steel it will be replacing. Generally speaking this means the working load should equal approximately 20% of the break load for optimum performance. This may result in the fibre being of greater diameter than the wire it replaces. M-Rig Max and D-Pro Static feature 100% DM20 construction. This is the fibre that has the least natural creep. D12 Max78 uses super heat stretched Dyneema SK78 to achieve exceptionally high breaking strains and low creep. V12 uses a 100% vectran fibre construction. Although not as strong as D12Max, vectran is a very low creep fibre.
Custom Build Instructions
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