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Marlow Excel R8 Sheets

Marlow Excel R8 Excel is a high performance racing line which is ideal for sheets.

Although not quite as light as Excel Fusion, Excel R8 offers a high wear resistance alternative owing to it's blended Technora ® aramid and polyester blended cover.

The 8 plait Cover construction also gives extra grip in the hands and cleats.

Perfect for sheets that run at speed through blocks.

The Dyneema SK78 hollowbraid 12 strand core allows this line to be easily tapered for weight saving and reduced windage.

Sheets are offered in 7 and 8mm.

Excellent in Ratchet blocks for superior grip.

  • High performance Sheet
  • SK78 12 strand core
  • 8-Plait Technora/Polyester blended cover
  • Minimum strength 15.8kN
  • Weight 27.5g per metre

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Marlow Excel R8
50 Metre Hank Deal - Marlow Excel R8

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Clearance Marlow Excel R8

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