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Harken Traveller Systems

The Harken captive bearing (CB) main traveller and Genoa car systems offer smooth and reliable performance for cruisers and racers alike. The patented CB system retains the Toulon bearings even when removed to facilitate easy maintenance. 

The system is available in 4 principle sizes to cover boat requirements from dinghy all the way up to yachts of 50 feet. The size represents the width of the track the system runs on

Harken System Size Boat Length Boat Type
13mm Micro n/a Small Dinghies and Catamarans
22mm Small boat up to 8m Dinghies, Keelboats, beach cats and offshore boats
27mm Midrange 8m - 10m Cruising and racing yachts
32mm Big Boat 9.5m - 15m Cruising and racing yachts

Cars and track and manufactured from Hard Lube-anodised aluminium in one piece. The high grade 6061-T6 aluminium provides excellent corrosion resistance in the harsh marine environment. Control blocks on traveller cars and end stops utilise the Harken carbo air range to facilitate easy adjustment under load.

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