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Hamma Regatta Swage Terminals

hamma™ Regatta Swage Terminals are manufactured to match the higher break loads of hamma™ Pro Strand Compact Strand stainless steel wire.

The hamma™ brand is world renowned as a hallmark of quality for stainless steel rigging wire and components manufactured to withstand the rigours of modern day yachting.

The hamma™ manufacturing facility is a state of the art, modern factory located in Thailand with over 550 employees including 60 highly skilled engineers who specialise in the design and production of marine tensile stainless steel solutions.

hamma™ Regatta stainless steel swage terminals are all produced under strict quality control procedures in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality control, complemented by ISO17025 certification.

hamma™ manufacture a complete range of turnbuckles and terminals from the highest quality materials, using the latest cutting edge technology.

Jimmy Green Advisory Swage Terminals require specific hydraulic machinery and the requisite operating skills to fit them successfully to wire.

Roller swaging is a professional cold forging process where the wire is inserted in the cylindrical tunnel of the terminal, and the two are compressed (crushed) together using a hydraulic roller press. It is crucial that the wire is inserted into the tunnel to the maximum extent i.e. right to the hilt to ensure the integrity of the process.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team employ the world renowned and respected Wiretechnik Hydraulic Roller Press system for completing wire termination.

Wiretechnik Roller Swaging

Wiretechnik Roller Swaging

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