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Lewmar Delta Anchor, stainless steel

Lewmar Delta Anchor, stainless steel
Lewmar Delta Anchor, stainless steel
Lewmar Delta Anchor dimensions

Unique shank profile

Ballasted tip

Self Launching

Lloyd's High Holding Power approval

316 marine grade stainless steel

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Stainless Steel Lewmar Delta® anchors are available to order from 6kg up to and including 63kg

Lewmar Delta® Anchor facts and features:

  • Lewmar manufactured from high grade manganese steel
  • Unique shank profile and ballasted tip make the Delta® anchor self-launching.
  • The low centre of gravity and self-righting geometry ensure that the Delta® anchor will set immediately
  • Delta anchor has Lloyd's Register General Approval as a High Holding Power anchor.
  • Delta anchors are consistent and reliable in performance and are specified as the primary anchor by numerous National Lifeboat organisations.
  • All Delta anchors are "guaranteed for life against breakage" **
  • Lloyd's Test Certification is available for individual Delta anchors by special arrangement

**Damage by deformation or bending is not covered by this guarantee.**

Lewmar Delta Anchor Diagram

Lewmar Delta® Specifications and Dimensions
Reference Weight Chain Size A B C D E
0057306 6kg 6/7mm 593mm 265mm 10mm 450mm 243mm
0057310 10kg 8mm 695mm 310mm 13mm 526mm 282mm
0057316 16kg 8mm 812mm 362mm 13mm 614mm 328mm
0057320 20kg 10mm 877mm 392mm 16mm 663mm 357mm
0057325 25kg 10mm 945mm 415mm 16mm 713mm 387mm
0057332 32kg 10mm 1023mm 453.5mm 20mm 775mm 425mm
0057340 40kg 10mm 1103mm 489mm 20mm 883mm 437mm
0057350 50kg 12mm 1175mm 523mm 20mm 890mm 479mm
0057363 63kg 12mm 1270mm 567mm 22mm 963mm 508mm

N.B. Chain Size is only Lewmar recommendation

Lewmar Delta® Anchor Size Chart

Delta Anchor Selection Guide


  • Finish - Stainless Steel
  • Anchor Weight kg - 4.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 6.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 10.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 20.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 25.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 32.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 40.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 50.0kg
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Lewmar Delta

Lewmar Delta Selection Guide and Dimensions

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