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Standard Stainless Shackles

Proboat Rated Break Load Stainless Steel Bow and Dee Shape Shackles add a Proboat Guaranteed AISI 316 Stainless Forged Pin option to the Jimmy Green range of Standard Shackles.

The Standard Range is serviceable, functional, cost-effective, designed, and manufactured for pragmatic solutions.

Standard Shackles are generally unbranded and available in D or Bow shape, Long D or Twisted D from 4mm up to 16mm body/pin diameter. 

Standard shackles generally feature a thumbscrew collar pin which you twist to tighten or loosen. The lug is compatible with all shackle keys.

Standard shackles have a multitude of onboard uses.

N.B. The basic Bow and D shackles do not have a published manufacturer rating.

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