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Sailing Wellies

Sailing boots form a critical part of the clothing system for yacht and keelboat sailors.

Ideally, they would keep feet warm, dry and comfortable whilst also offering superb grip and durability to enhance the enjoyment of your sailing experience. Unfortunately, breathable materials are generally less durable and water tight so a balance must be struck. A 100% watertight boot will not keep a sweaty foot dry!

All Sailing boots require excellent grip. This is usually achieved with a razor grip sole which performs well on damp flat surfaces. The soles must also be ‘non-marking’ to prevent damage to the deck. Take care using yacht boots on land as the grip is not necessarily effective on surfaces with loose substrates or natural matter.

Rubber sailing boots differ from PU alternatives. Rubber is a natural material that offers outstanding flexibility and grip. However, it does not have quite the same thermal properties and longevity as PU.

Yacht boots also come in a variety of different heights according to brand and /or model. Personal preference prevails with this choice, the determining factor is ensuring the drawstring closer can be tightened firmly and comfortably to prevent water ingress.

The Crewsaver range of rubber sailing boots are offered in two different types. Manufactured from natural rubber and featuring a razor grip sole, they represent an excellent choice for day trips and coastal hopping at an economical price point.

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