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U Bolts, Eye Bolts and Pad Eyes

Jimmy Green supply U Bolts, Eye Bolts and Pad Eyes from trusted brands so that reliability and strength is assured - they are versatile attachment points suitable for fixing through any deck or bulkhead structure – they meet all kinds of different purposes both onboard and in the workshop.

Select from well-known manufacturers: Wichard, Bluewave, Harken, Selden and Sta-Lok.

U Bolts

U Bolts are an integral fixing solution - produced from one piece of stainless steel bar formed into an elongated upside down U shape - the two ends of the U are threaded and backing plates, nuts and washers are included.

U Bolts spread the load between two points.

U Bolts have a permanently raised profile.

Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts are an integral fixing solution with a small, round attachment eye – excellent in tight spots where you can’t fit a larger diameter fitting – The eye has an integral deck plate and a threaded stud with nut and washer included.

Pad Eyes

There are two main types of Deck Pad Eye: Fixed Eye where the hoop stands proud or Folding where the ring can hinge and lie flat.

Folding Pad Eyes are much preferable to fixed where there is footfall, greatly reducing the chance of tripping or stubbing your toe.

Pad Eyes require separate Fixings

Jimmy Green Load Bearing Backing Plate Advisory

Pin-point loads should be avoided - an extra backing plate will help to dissipate the load over a wider area – Solutions range from an extra-large penny washer where nothing else will fit in the space available, to a much larger DIY fabrication from e.g. stainless steel, plywood, GRP where there is room.

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Harken 2 Fasteners Padeye

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