1x19 Wire Rigging

1x19 Wire Rigging

Stainless Steel 1 x 19 Wire Rope Rigging is the most popular solution for standing rigging on cruising yachts.

The strength, minimal elongation, excellent corrosion resistance and general performance of KOS 1x19...

Stainless Steel 1 x 19 Wire Rope Rigging is the most popular solution for standing rigging on cruising yachts.

The strength, minimal elongation, excellent corrosion resistance and general performance of KOS 1x19 construction stainless steel wire is suitable for the majority of sailing yachts.

Higher performance compacted strand wire is available, but at a higher price which is not normally deemed justifiable for discerning cruising yachtsmen.

Jimmy Green Marine source stainless steel 1x19 wire rope up to and including 10mm diameter from Seago Yachting, one of the official UK distributors of KOS wire. 12mm diameter and larger is sourced from Petersen or Sta-Lok but is always KOS wire.

KOS Wire

KOS Stainless Steel Wire Rope manufactured using 316 marine grade stainless steel to 1.4401 is recognised throughout the world for its superior quality and has an outstanding reputation for suitability in a marine environment for Sailboat Standing Rigging.

Jimmy Green Marine operate a strict accountability process for every reel of wire that the Jimmy Green Rigging Team use and the corresponding batch number is recorded on every rigging order.

Traceability is an important feature of the Jimmy Green assurance policy: Stainless Steel Wire - Quality Control and Care

You can therefore be reassured that your rigging will only be made up from top quality fully accredited KOS wire.

All wire terminals are roller swaged onto the wire using Wiretechnik Roller Swaging Technology.

Swaging is available in wire diameters from 2.5mm up to 12mm diameter (up to 10mm on site).

All copper ferrule terminations are fitted onto the wire using Cabco Talurit Hydraulic Press Machines.

Wire Termination from 2mm up to 8mm diameter is carried out on site.

WireTechnik and Cabco Talurit are acknowledged throughout the marine industry as the leading manufacturers for top quality, reliable wire termination.

Jimmy Green Marine offer the full range of Sta-Lok, Petersen and Hamma Regatta swage terminals e.g. eye, forks, tees, strap toggles plus all manner of turnbuckle and backstay insulator options.

Terminals from Selden, Hasselfors, Bluewave, Navtec and OS/BSI are also available.

Custom Build Wire Rigging Prices include swaging onto the wire.

Custom Build Instructions

Manufacturer Minimum Break Load for stainless steel wire, showing the comparison between KOS 7x19, KOS 1x19 and Petersen Compacted Strand

KOS 1x19 Stainless Steel AISI 31632050072012802000288035604640725010400
KOS 7x19 Stainless Steel AISI 316225355510910142020402780363056707660
Petersen Compact Strand Stainless Steel AISI 3164406901000178026003600500063001000014500

The wire strength comparison chart illustrates that Compacted Strand wire has a higher break load than standard 1x19 wire making it suitable for racing or extended/performance cruising

Elongation Comparison for standard stainless steel 1x19 and Petersen Compacted Strand (also known as Dyform) Wire

Wire DiameterTypeMBLStretch in mm,
per 100kg on 1mm
Weight per 100m
2.5mmStandard 1x19500kg0.0185353.05kg
Compact Dyform 1x7690kg0.0145233.4kg
3mmStandard 1x19720kg0.0128724.49kg
Compact Dyform 1x71000kg0.0100854.9kg
4mmStandard 1x191280kg0.0073787.81kg
Compact Dyform 1x71780kg0.0056738.80kg
5mmStandard 1x192000kg0.00462712.2kg
Compact Dyform 1x192440kg0.00372813.5kg
6mmStandard 1x192880kg0.00322417.6kg
Compact Dyform 1x193550kg0.00258919.4kg
7mmStandard 1x193550kg0.00227423.9kg
Compact Dyform 1x194910kg0.00190226kg
8mmStandard 1x194640kg0.00188331.2kg
Compact Dyform 1x196150kg0.00145634.5kg
10mmStandard 1x197250kg0.00115748.8kg
Compact Dyform 1x199770kg0.00093254kg
12mmStandard 1x1910400kg0.00080670.3kg
Compact Dyform 1x1914400kg0.00064780.7kg

Stretch is expressed (in mm) as the increase in length on 1mm for every 100kg tensile load applied

MBL = Manufacturer Break Load

N.B. Table figures courtesy of Petersen stainless

The Petersen stretch chart illustrates what most sailors know, that wire doesn't stretch very much.

Standard 1x19 wire doesn't stretch enough to be of any concern for standing rigging on cruising yachts.

However the table also demonstrates that Compact Strand is slightly heavier and stretches even less than standard 1x19 wire.