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Netting and Accessories

Jimmy Green Marine offer two different types of white nylon netting which are ideal for various onboard uses including guardrail protection and stowage.

Guardrail Netting:

Manufactured from 50mm knot to knot 3 strand nylon line, 10.5 meshes deep, this netting is ideal for preventing any loss overboard between your top guardwire, pulpit rail or pushpit rail and the toe rail.

Guardrail netting can be fitted in sections that are considered high risk or around the entire deck. N.B. Netting will be unnecessary where there are PVC dodgers already fitted.

Guardrail Netting Facts and Helpful Tips:

  • Making a tidy job of fitting Guardrail Netting can be time consuming, especially in long sections, but the benefits should outweigh the hard work
  • Care should be taken when fitting because each mesh is formed from relatively thin nylon line by design and therefore the top and bottom selvedge in particular are vulnerable to abrasion
  • Fit a border cord at the bottom e.g. between the stanchion bases so that the netting can be stretched out evenly
  • Lace or lash and tie off the net to both the top and bottom wire/rail or border cord
  • Avoid the easier option of simply passing the guardwire or border cord through the top meshes of the net for two important reasons:
    1. The top mesh will be subject to excessive wear from hands, sails, ropes and fittings. Secure the lacing cord to each mesh so the lacing takes the brunt of the wear. The lacing is much simpler to repair or replace.
    2. Each mesh needs to be secured at both the top and bottom to keep it in position and prevent it sliding up and down, causing even more abrasion
  • Try to avoid any gaps caused by an untidy, baggy finish
  • Use a netting needle, also known as a shuttle or bobbin, to pass the lacing line through each mesh - this tool will prove invaluable in attaining both an aesthetic and practicable finish

Stowage Netting:

Mike Green, transatlantic boatbuilder and yachtsman, sourced this braided white nylon stowage netting from the fishing industry for Jimmy Green Marine way back in the 1980s because it was clearly so handy for optimising storage space onboard.

It is just as helpful today as it was back then, especially for extended cruising where keeping fruit and vegetables aired and fresher for longer becomes so much more important.

Jimmy Green stowage netting is an excellent addition to the spares kit onboard any yacht, making it possible to improvise the use of overhead and awkward spaces with some border cord, bungee elastic and a little ingenuity.

The nylon mesh is stretchy so fitting it can be a little bit trial and error, but the end result should definitely prove worth the effort.

Use Jimmy Green stowage netting to unlock any unused storage potential and maximise the stowage capacity on board any design of boat or yacht.

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