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PSP Rig_Wrap Millionaires Tape
PSP Rig_Wrap Millionaires Tape

PSP Rig-Wrap, also known as Millionaire's Tape

Width: 25mm x Length: 5 metres

Clear, friction-free protection for sails


More Information

PSP Rig-Wrap Millionaire’s Tape is a unique sail-saving tape - malleable, frictionless, discreetly opaque and stretchy.

Rig Wrap is designed specifically for wrapping around any high-risk abrasion points on your mast spreaders, rigging or deck equipment where they may come into contact with your sails. 

PSP Rig-Wrap Tape, Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Clear
  • Friction Free
  • 100% stretch
  • High Performance
  • Silicone adhesive tape
  • UV Resistant
  • Temperature Resistant  minus 70 degrees to + 260 degrees Centigrade
  • No sticky residues

PSP Marine Tapes has developed a tape that not only protects expensive race sails from wear but also enhances the performance of your rig by reducing friction on the contact points.

Unlike anti-chafe, rig wrap is supplied self-wound (without a liner). It will stretch to coil wrap around standing rigging, terminals, forestay, backstay, spinnaker poles, spreaders and any other contact areas, preventing wear to sails and friction to sheets and guys, etc.

The tape will stretch and coil wrap around all areas on board.

This tape has also been referred to as ‘Millionaire’s Tape’ as it was previously very expensive and available only through the trade and to professional race crews in long industrial trade length rolls.

The friction-free surface allows sails or sheets under pressure to slide effortlessly past, reducing wear or damage.

The tape is clear or opaque, so no unsightly bright colours draw attention to tape-protected areas.

PSP Rig-Wrap

PSP Rig-Wrap Millionaires Tape Specification

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