Courtesy Flags

Courtesy Flags

Jimmy Green Courtesy Flags are not only very popular with our customers but also a big favourite with Team Jimmy Green.
The World-Wide coverage is continually under review, looking to cover new cruising destinations including e.g....

Jimmy Green Courtesy Flags are not only very popular with our customers but also a big favourite with Team Jimmy Green.
The World-Wide coverage is continually under review, looking to cover new cruising destinations including e.g. renascent countries, more remote islands, popular regions.
There are currently 212 options and we will consider any viable further additions emanating from customer enquiries.

Jimmy Green Courtesy Flags are championed and endorsed by Alistair Green, enthused by his own enjoyable Ocean Cruising Courtesy Flag experience - using Jimmy Green Flags, of course :-)

Customer orders, especially the larger ones that offer an insight into an extended and intriguing voyage plan, spark admiring interest, fond memories and animated conversation in the Jimmy Green office.

Jimmy Green Marine recommend a thorough check of your flag inventory and a top up of all the possible flags that are missing from your intended voyage plan before setting out from your home berth, whether it’s a hop across the English Channel or a circumnavigation.

Make the most of your preparation for an extended cruise by purchasing your flags well in advance in order to enjoy the anticipation.

Explore all of the Courtesy Flags available in our interactive Courtesy Flags World Map

Remember that the weather and other circumstances may change your plans en route so it is a good idea to include some contingency flags, just in case you are blown off course :-)

Jimmy Green Courtesy Flags are manufactured to the highest standard in our supply partner factory in Italy. The strict quality controls in place ensure that each flag is well crafted, neatly stitched, UV-Fade and Wind-Fray Resilient.
All Courtesy Flags are manufactured from very strong and durable 145 gram per m2 (+/- 5%) top quality 100% polyester, special knit, woven bunting to measure 45cm x 30cm (Half Yard) with colourfast screenprint patterns and motifs.

Jimmy Green Courtesy Flag Plus Factors:

  • Half yard size (traditional diagonal measurement) is nominal and may vary slightly due to the nature of the production/sewing process.
  • Screen printed on one piece of flag fabric
  • Excellent definition/detail on motifs, crests and emblems
  • Top quality UV resistant 100% polyester woven bunting
  • Colourfast and fade resistant
  • Hoist reinforced with special flag webbing tape
  • Braided line sewn into the integral hoist tape creating a loop at the top and a tail at the bottom as per the photos
  • Finished with twin stitched hems (outside edges)

Jimmy Green Courtesy Flags are not made from the shiny, cheaper nylon fabric, nor are they the smaller 20cm x 30cm size.

Jimmy Green stock over 210 different Courtesy Flags and we will add more if there is any demand.

All Jimmy Green Courtesy Flags are available individually:
You can filter the flags by Ocean/Location.
Some Flags may appear in more than one zone e.g. Spain = North Atlantic and Mediterranean.
There is also additional local geographical information to help your search.
The Parent Country is also listed where appropriate so that you can identify whether you need a specific island flag or not:

e.g. The Netherlands or Netherlands Antilles Courtesy Flag may cover Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Bonaire, Curacao
However, the feel good factor when you make make landfall and sail into your chosen anchorage flying the correct local courtesy flag will more than make up for the extra price of the individual flags :-)

Jimmy Green Courtesy Flags are also available in Bundles by Voyage Plan, Ocean Passage or Location

Any feedback on local reaction to our courtesy flags is welcomed - we will happily do some more research, update our information and even our flags if required.

Where there are different options on courtesy flags we list them separately and any first hand feedback is always welcome e.g. Bermuda is normally red and that is what is listed but they are generally welcomed on Bermuda in blue and we have some blue if you would like one.

Spain is available as the simple red/yellow/red horizontal striped courtesy (less expensive) or with the option of the correct Yacht Ensign Crest.

N.B. Foreign Yachts should fly the red ensign as a courtesy flag when visiting the UK (not a Union Jack) and may also fly the red ensign for some associated British islands, dominions and territories without causing offence.

Read more about courtesy flag etiquette  

How to label your courtesy flags and organise your flag stowage 

Jimmy Green courtesy flags are all manufactured from a soft, pliable, polyester woven/knitted fabric which will not need ironing.

They are all a uniform design, half yard size with an attachment loop at the top of the hoist and a line at the bottom.

This means that they will conveniently stow together, either flat in the bottom of a drawer or rolled up in a locker with the hoist lines all tucked in.

For yachts that only require a few courtesy flags, it will probably be sufficient to allocate a suitable locker and roll or fold them neatly together.

However, for cruising the Caribbean, Pacific or the Indian Ocean (including the Red Sea and the Gulf of Persia) where there are a multitude of different flags required and therefore multiple changes, there are some simple steps you can follow to make the use and safekeeping of your courtesy flags a pleasure rather than a chore.

It is advisable to label your courtesy flags from the outset after checking them against perceived wisdom e.g. the Jimmy Green website, a comprehensive pocket Flag Book, Wikipedia, Cruising Blogs.

Some courtesy flags are memorable, but some may be difficult for you or your crew to pinpoint exactly after a long voyage and without the benefit of any Wi-Fi or 4g to check your decision.

Labelling or Marking will prevent the slightly embarrassing error of flying the wrong flag when you sail into a foreign anchorage. None of the crew are likely to relish a pressurised search for the correct flag followed by a hurried strike and re-hoist, especially if there is an amused reception committee enjoying your discomfort.

Jimmy Green courtesy flags stow neatly together lending themselves to simple organisation and identification.

Lay the flags on top of one another with the obverse face upward. This will mean that the hoist tape is to the left.

Use an indelible waterproof marker pen to write the name of the flag on the hoist tape.

Arrange them in your preferred order e.g. alphabetical, voyage plan

Flags rolled and labelled