Junior Lifejackets  

When taking a junior on board a boat, safety is paramount - it is vital that they are fitted with a life vest that fits correctly. This means one that fits them when they are on the boat for the current season, not one that they will grow in to.

First of all, determine whether you need a Junior Lifejacket or a Junior Buoyancy Aid.
Junior lifejackets inflate automatically upon entry to the water. They are designed to turn them onto their back and keep their head out of the water.
Junior buoyancy aids will keep them afloat but will not turn them onto their back.

If you require a buoyancy aid, please go to our Buoyancy Aid category - Buoyancy Aids

A children's lifejacket should have a standard buoyancy of 150N.
NB. An adult should not wear a child's lifejacket even though the buoyancy rating is the same.

Comfort is important - if it is comfortable the child is more likely to put it on, keep it on and enjoy having it on.
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