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Titanium Shackles

Titanium is a low density metal with compelling performance advantages for high performance marine applications. Titanium is a light weight, high strength and corrosion resistant alloy offering a weight saving of up to 45% compared with Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

Titanium Facts, Features, and Plus Factors:

  • Ultra light weight
  • Super high strength
  • Excellent cporrosion resistance
  • Low electrical conductivity
  • Non-magnetic
  • Extremely high melting point - approximatley 1725 degrees centigrade
  • Low coefficient of linear expansion

Wichard Titanium Shackles are drop forged from TA6V titanium alloy.

Wichard Titanium Shackles Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Designed and manufactured in France
  • Available in D and Bow format
  • Drop forged from TA6V Titanium alloy
  • Light weight
  • Super strong manufacturer rated break load
  • Excellent endurance in a harsh marine environment

Wichard Forging Process

The Wichard design and development team have perfected a drop forging technique for AISI 316L stainless components.

Wichard employ a Forge Hammer to create a heated slug under pressure between two dies.

Wichard have honed their drop forging method to optimise accurate componet production.  

The resulting homogeneous structure ensures precision, enhanced strength, elasticity and resistance to corrosion

All Wichard components are finished and polished to an extremely high standard, and subjected to a thorough quality testing regime to ensure customer satisfaction.

Wichard Forging Process

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