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Loctite 243 Lock n Seal Bottle 24ml
Loctite 243 Lock n Seal Bottle 24ml

Medium strength

Threadlocker solution

24ml Bottle

Suitable for all metal threaded assemblies


More Information

Loctite Lock n Seal Bottle

Loctite 243 Lock n Seal Bottle 24ml, medium strength threadlocker suitable for all metal threaded assemblies.

  • Breakaway torque 26Nm
  • Works on all metals including passive substrates (e.g. stainless steel aluminium plated surfaces)
  • Proven to tolerate slight contaminations of industrial oils e.g. engine oils corrosion prevention oils and cutting fluids
  • Prevents loosening on vibrating parts e.g. pumps gear boxes or presses
  • Permits disassembly with hand tools for servicing
  • P1 NSF Reg. No.:123000
Loctite Lock n Seal specifications
Maximum thread size: M36
Strength: Medium
Breakaway torque: M10 bolts: 26 Nm
Fixture time steel: 10 min.
Fixture time brass: 5 min
Fixture time stainless steel: 10 min.
Service temperature range: -55 °C to +180 °C

There is continual and relentless movement while afloat, whether at sea or on a mooring which can easily loosen screws and other fastenings.
Use Loctite thread lock fluid to avoid potential disaster.

Colour Comparison:
Blue - works efficiently and can be undone without too much effort.
Red - extra holding power, but won't come undone without a great deal of effort
Green - holds fast and is almost impossible to shift.