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Ordering Individual Splices

You can order rope splices and whippings separately in the splicing products listed below. These can be applied to e.g. a rope reel end

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team are fully trained in all the latest splicing and finishing techniques to complement your ropes.

Custom Build Products

The Jimmy Green Marine Splicing and Rigging Service is available to order online, wherever you see the 'Custom Build’ button.

'Custom Build' denotes the capability to specify the finished article in a logical step by step process online, using our website.

  • Select the type of rope from the menu
  • Select the diameter and click ‘Build’
  • Select your finishes and end fitting if required
  • Select the diameter/colour
  • Enter the length required
  • Get an instant quote
  • Alter to your liking
  • Add to cart

Read more about the Jimmy Green Custom Splicing and Rigging Service

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Jimmy Green Marlowbraid - Soft  Eye Splice
LIROS Matt Plait Splicing - Stitch and Whip Stainless Steel Thimble
Marlow Excel Racing GP78 - Stitch and Whip Soft Eye Splice
LIROS Magic Pro Splicing - Stitch and Whip soft eye
LIROS-Magic-XTR - Stitch and Whip Stainless Steel Thimble eye splice
Marlow Excel Fusion Splicing - Taper and Whip
Marlow Excel R8 Splicing - Stitch and Whip Small Eye
Marlow Excel Gemini Splicing - Double Core Split and Lock
Marlow Excel Taper Splicing - Whipping
Marlow Excel Control Splicing - stitch and whip Eye -Stainless Steel Thimble