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Lofrans Windlass Accessories

The Lofrans range of windlass accessories is designed and manufactured to guarantee reliable operation in a harsh marine environment.

Manufactured to the highest quality to ensure reliability and safety, each accessory conforms to EC regulations covering electromagnetic compatibility (89/336/CEE).

To ensure your Lofrans Windlass operates properly, you need to install:

  • A control box unit - either supplied separately as standard or built in to the motor. The Lofrans Control box = two coils in watertight box rated IP56. Separate Control Box units come with integral fasteners which should be sufficient to connect with a remote of your choice.
  • The circuit breaker. Essential for protection against short circuits, electrical motor overload and voltage interruption during shut down. The circuit breaker is installed on a panel and has an led display showing voltage.
  • One or more electrical controls which can be connected in parallel.

Download INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AND USER MANUALS for all Lofrans accessories.

N.B. Installation by a qualified marine engineer/electrician is advised to ensure the proper wiring and working of your windlass.

Complete the LOFRANS ONLINE WARRANTY REGISTRATION FORM to validate your Manufacturer Extended Guarantee.

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