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Bronze Snap Shackles

Bronze Snapshackles provide an authentic traditional look as well as a practicable solution for terminating sheets halyards and control lines.

Bronze and brass look similar but bronze is the superior metal in a marine environment. Jimmy Green Marine stock genuine bronze snapshackles manufactured in the UK by Brookes & Adams.

Bronze snapshackles are available in 3 different sizes to suit lines from 5mm up to 12mm:

Small - 5/6mm
Medium - 8/10mm
Large - 12mm

Bronze snapshackles are available in 2 different configurations according to their application:

Fixed or Swivel
Fixed eye is generally recommended where the application is not required to rotate – ideal for e.g. genoa halyard/sheet Swivel eye allows the rope to rotate when subjected to an alteration in the angle of the load induced by, for example, gybing. Ideal for spinnaker halyard/sheet.

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Brookes and Adams bronze snap shackles fixed or swivel eye
Brookes and Adams bronze snap shackle swivel eye