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LIROS Control XTR Halyards

LIROS Control XTR (02224)

Cover: Blended 32plait Technora/Polyester - exceptional grip, heat resilience, shape retention and abrasion resistance.
Core: Super prestretched and coated braided Dyneema SK99, Liros Heat stretch system, Liros Coating System for extra wear and UV protection - the strongest, lowest stretch dyneema fibre.

LIROS Control XTR is the ultimate solution for all running rigging applications including Sheets, Halyards and Control Lines.

LIROS Control XTR Plus Factors:

  • Very good rope to handle in testing conditions
  • Exceptional holding power - LIROS Grip Factor 10 - Grip Factor is expected to improve with use
  • Ultimate wear and heat resistance
  • Superb solid shape retention under racing loads
  • All round excellence around winches and through clutches
  • Very high tensile load capacity coupled with minimal stretch - Liros Heat Stretch System - <1.0% at working load
  • Spliceable - advanced core dependent splice
  • Taperable
  • Liros Coating System - enhanced wear resistance, UV protection and water impermeability on exposed core
  • Excellent cover to core power transference
  • Non kinking, balanced braiding
  • Runs freely through blocks and sheaves

LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System - unique LIROS pre-stretching process, calibrated under exacting temperature and tension conditions, designed to minimise stretch and enhance performance.

LIROS Coating System -  polyurethane impregnation process improves resistance to abrasion and protects against UV damage by up to 50%. The LIROS manufacturing process produces a balanced braid on braid construction with consistency second to none.

LIROS Manufacturing: meticulous attention to exacting standards ~ decades of experience ~ modern factory with state of the art, computer programmed twisting and braiding machinery. The Technora/Polyester cover can be permanently removed to produce a cover stripped Dyneema core only loop splice. Snapshackles can then be retrofitted/changed over (attached) using a simple a cow hitch - pass the loop through the eye of the shackle, over the top and back down to the rope end.

LIROS Control XTR (02224) Specifications
Diameter LBL WLS
6mm 2800kg < 1.0%
8mm 6250kg < 1.0%
10mm 8000kg < 1.0%
12mm 11200kg < 1.0%
14mm 1410kg < 1.0%

LBL = LIROS Break Load WLS = LIROS stretch at working load < = less than

And if you know Ferdi...smiley-cool.gif

LIROS Control XTR is recommended by Ferdinand Gerz (Sailing Team Germany)

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Clearance LIROS Control XTR

Clearance LIROS Control XTR

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