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Ultra Marine Anchor Ring
Ultra Marine Anchor Ring
Ultra Marine Anchor Ring
Ultra Marine Anchor Ring - Demonstrating with Chain
Ultra Marine Anchor Ring - demonstrated with anchor

Dual Purpose Anchor Ring:

Fouled anchor retrieval and catenary weight

Marine Grade stainless steel

Select by weight: 8kg, 11kg or 14kg


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The Ultra Anchor Ring is an excellent dual purpose addition to your anchoring equipment inventory:

  • Emergency Anchor Recovery

The Ultra Anchor Ring is an anchor retrieval and recovery tool designed to free an anchor that is fouled on the seabed

  • Extra Catenary Weight on the Anchor Rode

The Ultra Anchor Ring is a useful precautionary addition to your anchoring system when you are obliged to limit the scope of your chain and warp in a busy or confined anchorage. 

The ring acts as a catenary weight on your warp or chain, reducing a yacht's swinging arc and making the ride at anchor more comfortable by ameliorating any shock loads.

Ultra Anchor Ring Diagram

Ultra Anchor Ring in action on seabed

Ultra Marine Weight Anchor Weight Chain Size Inside Diameter Outside Diameter
UAR27 8.2kg 5kg- 27kg 6mm-10mm 138mm 220mm
UAR45 11kg 16kg-45kg 8mm-13mm 164mm 262mm
UAR80 14.5kg 27kg-80kg 10mm-16mm 198mm 310mm

LIROS 16mm 3 Strand Nylon Mooring and Anchoring Warps

Ultra Anchor

Ultra Anchor


cromox G6 Stainless Steel Anchor Chain AISI 316

Ultra Anchor Ring

Ultra Anchor Ring Data Sheet

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