Ankarolina - Anchoring and Mooring Lines

Ankarolina webbing solutions for mooring and anchoring.

Flat low absorbent high strength polyester.

Stored on a plastic reel for rapid deployment and recovery.

Excellent impact and UV resistance.

£ 198.60 inc VAT

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Ankarolina Flat Anchor Line

The Ankarolina mooring and anchoring units utilise the compact, lightweight and strong properties of webbing to create a simple but neat and effective stowage system.

A UV resistant reinforced wheel houses the webbing when not in use but allows it to be paid out freely.

The crank handle effortlessly brings the webbing back on board when no longer required.

The units all come with mounting kits, handle and comprehensive fitting instructions.

ItemLengthWidthBreak LoadYacht
Mooring Line24m25mm2500kgup to 50ft
Anchor Line35m25mm1500kgup to 20ft
Anchor line56m35mm3000kgup to 50ft
Anchor line - Aluminium wheel70m35mm3000kgup to 50ft