Ankarolina - Anchoring and Mooring Lines

Ankarolina webbing solutions for mooring and anchoring

£ 127.10 VAT incl.

£ 155.00


The Ankarolina mooring and anchoring units utilise the compact, lightweight and strong properties of webbing to create a simple but neat and effective stowage system. 

A UV resistant reinforced wheel houses the webbing when not in use but allows it to be paid out freely.
The crank handle effortlessly brings the webbing back on board when no longer required.

The units all come with mounting kits, handle and comprehensive fitting instructions. 

Item Length  Width Break Load Yacht
Mooring Line 24m 25mm 2500kg up to 50ft
Anchor Line 35m 25mm 1500kg up to 20ft
Anchor line 56m 25mm 2500kg up to 40ft
Anchor line 56m 35mm 3000kg up to 50ft
Anchor line - Aluminium wheel 70m 35mm 3000kg up to 50ft