Harken Micro Blocks

Harken Micro Blocks are compact and lightweight

Delrin Ball bearings

Stainless steel side plates

Suitable for use on sailboards, dinghies and light uses on larger yachts

£ 13.90 inc VAT

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Suitable for use as:

  • Cunninghams
  • Uthauls
  • Vangs
  • Traveller controls
  • Barberhaulers
  • Flag halyards
  • Leech cords
  • Lead car return tackles
TypeBreak LoadSafe LoadMax Line DiaWeightPart No
Single Fixed Micro544kg91kg6mm14g224
Single Fixed Micro with Becket544kg91kg6mm21g225
Single Swivel Micro544kg200kg6mm28g292
Single Fixed Micro with strap454kg91kg6mm16g443
Single Shackle Fixed Micro544kg91kg6mm21g234
Single Shackle Fixed Micro with Becket544kg91kg6mm28g235
Cheek Micro Block544kg200kg6mm21g233
Double Fixed Micro544kg159kg6mm43g226
Double Fixed Micro with Becket544kg159kg6mm43g227
Triple Fixed Micro544kg227kg6mm57g228
Triple Fixed Micro with Becket544kg227kg6mm57g229
Triple Fixed Micro with Cam544kg227kg6mm99g230
Triple Fixed Micro with Becket & Cam544kg244kg6mm99g231
Upright Micro Block544kg91kg6mm30g243
Thru-deck Micro544kg91kg6mm30g242
Traveller Micro544kg91kg6mm30g232
Fixed Fiddle Micro with V-jam544kg350kg6mm57g244
Fixed Fiddle Micro Block with V-jam & Becket544kg350kg6mm57g245

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