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Barton mast base organiser

Barton mast base organiser
Barton mast base organiser

Perfect for leading halyards aft

'Spectro' anodised aluminium base

Four stainless steel swivel posts with nylon base washers

Four pairs of nylon packing washers for tang blocks (not supplied)


More Information

The Barton Mast Base Organiser is finished in our unique 'Spectro' grey anodising for a long-lasting finish.

It accepts up to four double tang blocks mounted on individual stainless steel swivel posts, but with just three deck fixing points.

The unit is fitted close to the mast base to accept halyards, reefing lines and topping lift and is designed to work in conjunction with our range of deck organisers, rope clutches and winches, doing away with the need to leave the cockpit when reefing, hoisting or lowering the mainsail.

Length 160mm
Width 25mm
Height 28mm
Weight 166g
SWL 1540kg
Break load 3080kg
Fixings M6
Swivel post dia 10mm

Compatible blocks
**090, **091, **090, **091
Replace * with size 1 to 4 barton blocks in either ball or plain bearing