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Barton Wincher

Barton Wincher
Barton Wincher

Converts a plain top winch to self-tailing

Compatible with popular winch brands

Simple installation process

Available in 4 sizes

Check size guide below

Supplied in pairs


More Information

The Barton wincher is a specially designed rubber moulding which can be retro-fitted over the top of standard plain-top winches, converting them to self-tailing:

  • When a line is sheeted under load, the wraps climb up the winch drum and grip the underside rubber body of the wincher.
  • The line can then be locked into the ribbed central grooveof the wincher, completing the cleating and self-tailing process

Barton wincher cleating

Barton Wincher Cleating: lock sheet into ribbed groove

Barton wincher sheeting

Barton Wincher Self Tailing: the entire winch must be stacked with line

Barton winchers are easy to fit with a bowl of boiling water, a firm manual grip and a 'teasing' tool e.g. the handle of a dessert spoon.

View full instructions in downloads

Size Barton Maximum Drum ø Maximum Rope ø Weight
Small wincher 21641 64-70mm 8-10mm 202g
Medium wincher 21642 70-80mm 10-14mm 223g
Large wincher 21643 80-90mm 12-14mm 278g
Xlarge wincher 21644 90-100mm 12-16mm 387g

Winch Compatibility Guide

Small - Barton 21200, 21201, 21202 - Antal W8 - Lewmar 7, 7ct, 8, 12ct, 16 - Harken B8, B16.2
Medium - Antal W9, W16, W30 - Lewmar 30, 40 - Harken B32.2, B40.2
Large - Antal W42
Xlarge - Antal W44, W47, W48 - Lewmar 44 - Harken B42.2

Barton Wincher

Barton Wincher Fitting Instructions

Download (407.17KB)