Bluewave Dyneema Rope Ball

Available for line diameters 4 to 8mm.

Unique internal bail for secure termination

Highly polished stainless steel 316

Simple design is easy to inspect and maintain.

£ 47.40 inc VAT

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Part NoRope DiaD1 mmD2 mmD3 mmL1 mm L2 mmBreak Load
BW-RP6214044mm7.51614.65/1660191900 kg
BW-RP6214055mm92114.63/866183200 kg
BW-RP6216044mm7.516165/1660191900 kg
BW-RP6219044mm916193/860181900 kg
BW-RP6219055mm921193/868183200 kg
BW-RP6220055mm12.621201/270193200 kg
BW-RP6220066mm12.625201/276205500 kg
BW-RP6221055mm12.62121.31/270193200 kg
BW-RP6221066mm12.62521.31/276195500 kg
BW-RP6226066mm14.22526.59/1688235500 kg
BW-RP6226088mm163926.35/8119318250 kg
BW-RP6227088mm17.83927.53/4120319400 kg

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