Bluewave Dyneema Rope Eye

Available for line diameters 4 to 16mm.

Unique internal bail for secure termination

Highly polished stainless steel 316

Simple design is easy to inspect and maintain.

£ 39.50 inc VAT

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PartRope Ø mmA mmD1 mmD2 mmD3 mmKW mmL1 mmL2 mmBreak Load kg
BW-RP82080445168.56114512 1900 
BW-RP821005562110.581658.514.5 3200 
BW-RP81120669251310197117.5 5500 
BW-RP8214088103914.51629103.529.5 9400 
BW-RP82161010134516.2183312034 15000 
BW-RP82191212155419.52140136.538 18000 
BW-RP82221414186523264716342 26000 
BW-RP82251616207526305519258 32000

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