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Bluewave Forged T Eye
Bluewave Forged T Eye
Bluewave Forged T Eye dimensions

Designed for replacing wire with fibre rigging

e.g. Dyneema

To suit rope diameter from 3m to 8mm.

Unique internal bail for secure termination

Highly polished aluminium construction reduces weight

Simple design is easy to inspect and maintain.


More Information

Bluewave Forged T Eyes are designed and manufactured to facilitate the replacement of wire with fibre rigging.

If the existing backing plates match, simply replace the existing T terminated wires withe the T eye and the appropriate diameter fibre line e.g. Dynice Dux, LIROS D Pro, LIROS D Pro XTR.

If necessary, Bluewave backing plates are available.

The matching part numbers are listed in the chart below.

Bluewave Rope Ø A1 A2 D1 D2 D3 R Break Load Backing Plate
BW-616506-F 3mm 5mm 6.35mm 7.5mm 15mm 6.35mm 2.5 1800kg BW-616103
BW-616508-F 4mm 8mm 9mm 9.5mm 18.5mm 9mm 4 3800kg BW-616105
BW-616512-F 5/6mm 12mm 14mm 13.5mm 29mm 14mm 5 7600kg BW-616107
BW-616516-F 7/8mm 16mm 18mm 17.5mm 35.5mm 18mm 7 12700kg BW-616110

Bluewave Forged T Eye Diagram

Blue Wave T-Terminal Backing Plates