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Mantus Bow Roller
Mantus Bow Roller

Adjustable housing

Custom configuration

Works for diverse anchor shapes

Marine grade 316 stainless

Mirror polished finish

Compatible with Mantus Anchor Guard

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More Information

Mantus Marine have designed a versatile range of Bow Rollers aimed at compatibility with as many diverse anchor designs as possible.

Mantus Bow Roller Facts and Features:

  • Robust 316 stainless steel construction
  • Aesthetic mirror polished finish
  • Slotted delrin rollers align the chain before it enters the windlass gypsy to prevent chain jumping/skipping
  • Adjustable slotted roller housing to optimise seating for different anchor designs
  • Simple integration with Anchor Mate
  • Brake assembly (Sizes BR2 and BR3 only)

NB. BR1 Design: Does NOT feature the top brake assembly

Top Brake Assembly Functions (BR2 and BR3 only):

  • Stabilises the stored anchor in the pushed down position - spread the two spring loaded rollers and slide over the anchor shank, lock the brake in place with the knobs on the side.
  • In the upright position the top brake assembly controls the angle at which the anchor is deployed, making sure it travels away from the boat and does not snag anything on deck on the way.
Bow Roller Size Boat Size Mantus Anchor Size
BR1 18 up to 35 feet 8 up to 35lbs
BR2 36 up to 46 feet 45 up to 85lbs
BR3 47 up to 70 feet 105 up to 175lbs

Mantus Anchor Guard Port