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Bow Roller Car only, as pictured

The sophisticated Roller Car design facilitates recovery with smooth articulation

Produced specifically to fit the Ultra Anchor

Manufactured by UltraMarine from marine grade stainless steel

Bright polished finish

Sizings match Bow Roller and corresponding anchor 


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Ultra Bow Roller Car Dimensions
5kg 8kg 12kg 16kg 21kg 27kg 35kg 45kg 60kg 80kg 100kg 130kg 160kg 200kg
a 72.1mm 84.33mm 96.55mm 106.25mm 116.29mm 126.49mm 137.96mm 149.93mm 165.03mm 181.64mm 195.73mm 213.6mm 228.84mm 246.58mm
b 46mm 54mm 62mm 68mm 74.5mm 81mm 88.5mm 96mm 105.5mm 116mm 125mm 137mm 146.5mm 158mm
c 26.15mm 30.6mm 35mm 38.5mm 42.2mm 45.5mm 50mm 54.5mm 60mm 65.85mm 70.95mm 77.45mm 83mm 89.4mm
∅ d 52.3mm 61.2mm 70mm 77mm 84.4mm 91mm 100mm 109mm 120mm 131.7mm 141.9mm 154.9mm 166mm 178.8mm
∅ e 33.6mm 39.3mm 45mm 49.5mm 54.2mm 59mm 64.3mm 70mm 76.6mm 84.7mm 91.2mm 99.6mm 106.7mm 115mm
∅ f 10.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm 14.5mm 14.5mm 16.5mm 16.5mm 16.5mm 19.5mm 19.5mm 19.5mm 23mm 23mm
g 58.28mm 68.17mm 78mm 85.9mm 94mm 102.25mm 111.52mm 121.2mm 133.4mm 146.83mm 158.22mm 172.67mm 185mm 199.3mm
h 68.6mm 80.2mm 91.8mm 101.05mm 110.6mm 120.3mm 131.2mm 142.6mm 156.9mm 172.7mm 186.2mm 203.1mm 217.7mm 234.5mm
k 54.8mm 64.1mm 73.5mm 80.9mm 88.7mm 96.5mm 105.2mm 114.5mm 126mm 138.5mm 149.2mm 162.9mm 174.5mm 188mm
L 146.25mm 168.93mm 181.15mm 212.75mm 232.99mm 252.99mm 276.46mm 300.43mm 330.53mm 363.49mm 391.68mm 428.05mm 458.34mm 493.98mm
m 43,5mm 50.6mm 60mm 67.4mm 71.7mm 79.5mm 85.2mm 94.5mm 106mm 112.5mm 123.2mm 136.9mm 142.5mm 156mm
t 3mm 4mm 4mm 4mm 5mm 5mm 6mm 6mm 6mm 8mm 8mm 10mm 10mm 10mm