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Spare Swageless Cone - 1x19
Spare Swageless Cone - 1x19
Spare Swageless Cone

Internal cone for Blue Wave swageless terminals

Blue Wave recommend replacing the cone when refitting their swageless terminals

DIY Quick-Fit termination with only a pair of spanners

Highly polished AISI316 Marine Grade stainless steel

Engraved with wire construction and diameter during production for assured identification

Stocked at manufacturer, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


Please enquire about lead times

More Information

Blue Wave Replacement Swageless Cones for all Quick-Fit Terminals - Blue Wave recommends replacement with every refitting

Blue Wave Denmark offers a secure, reliable, and corrosion-resistant range of self-fit cone terminals manufactured from brushed, highly polished AISI 316 Stainless Steel.

Blue Wave Swageless Cone Terminals are extremely popular for marine rigging. They feature a stainless steel cone inserted over the wire's central core after opening the outer strands.

Blue Wave Swageless Self-Fit Cone Terminals are adaptable to Standard 1x19, 7x19, 7x7, or Compacted Strand (formerly known as Dyform) wire constructions, making them ideal for emergency repairs or as a viable alternative to professional roller swaging termination.

Blue Wave Swageless Cone Quick-Fit Terminals Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Lloyds Approved
  • Brushed, highly polished Marine Grade AISI 316 Stainless Steel
  • Manufactured by Blue Wave on state-of-the-art machinery in their Danish production facility
  • Stringent in-house quality control for quality reassurance
  • Quick and simple termination
  • Tools Required: a pair of standard spanners
  • Obviates the need for specialist swaging machines
  • In situ installation, ideal for onboard repairs and complete rerigs
  • Adaptable to all standard marine wire construction: 1x19, 7x19, 7x7 or Dyform/Compacted wire 

Blue Wave Swageless Cone Quick-Fit Terminals are Ideal for Marine Onboard Installation

The key advantage of Blue Wave Swageless Self-Fit Cone Terminals is their effortless installation process, eliminating the need to unlay the wire. This feature is particularly beneficial for onboard applications, where swift and uncomplicated in-situ wire termination is a real bonus. With the added assurance of Lloyds approval, these terminals can be fitted in a matter of seconds, providing a secure, durable solution.

Blue Wave Installation Recommendations:

  • Avoid damaging the thread by overtightening
  • Apply Loc-Tite or a similar anti-loosening thread solution.
  • Rinse regularly with fresh water
  • Spray regularly with WD40 or similar water-repellent lubricant
  • Avoid applying a sealant to any part of the swageless terminal

Blue Wave Fitting Instructions and Datasheets are available to view in Downloads above.


Blue Wave Cone Dimensions
Blue Wave Wire Construction Wire Ø




BW-C04-1X19 1x19 Wire 4mm 5.6mm 2.5mm 14.5mm
BW-C04-C1X7 1x7 Dyform/Compact 4mm 4.65mm 2.05mm 13.9mm
BW-C05-1X19 1x19 Wire 5mm 6.5mm 3.2mm 15.7mm
BW-C05-C1X19 1x19 Dyform/Compact 5mm 6.15mm 3.15mm 13.9mm
BW-C06-1X19 1x19 Wire 6mm 8.5mm 3.9mm 22.4mm
BW-C06-C1X19 1x19 Dyform/Compact 6mm 8.05mm 3.6mm 21.4mm
BW-C07-1X19 1x19 Wire 7mm 9.4mm 4.6mm 23.5mm
BW-C07-C1X19 1x19 Dyform/Compact 7mm 8.8mm 4.15mm 22.6mm
BW-C08-1X19 1x19 Wire 8mm 10.9mm 5mm 30.3mm
BW-C08-C1X19 1x19 Dyform/Compact 8mm 10mm 4.75mm 26.2mm
BW-C10-1X19 1x19 Wire 10mm 13mm 6.4mm 34.5mm
BW-C10-C1X19 1x19 Dyform/Compact 10mm 12.1mm 6.1mm 30.8mm
BW-C12-1X19 1x19 Wire 12mm 17mm 7.9mm 47.6mm
BW-C12-C1X19 1x19 Dyform/Compact 12mm 15.8mm 7.4mm 43.2mm
BW-C14-1X19 1x19 Wire 14mm 18.7mm 8.9mm 50.8mm
BW-C14-C1X19 1x19 Dyform/Compact 14mm 17.5mm 8.5mm 45.8mm
BW-C14-C1X36 1x36 Compact 14mm 19.1mm 10.5mm 43.3mm
BW-C16-1X19 1x19 Wire 16mm 21.8mm 10.2mm 59.2mm
BW-C16-C1X19 1x19 Dyform/Compact 16mm 21.7mm 11.9mm 48mm
BW-C16-C1X36 1x36 Compact 16mm 22.4mm 12mm 51.7mm
BW-C19-1X19 1x19 Wire 19mm 25mm 11.9mm 68.5mm
BW-C22-1X19 1x19 Wire 22mm 28.5mm 13.9mm 77.8mm
BW-C26-1X19 1x19 Wire 26mm 34mm 15.9mm 93.8mm

Blue Wave Swageless

Blue Wave Swageless Cone Quick-Fit Terminal Data Sheet

Download (940.47KB)

Blue Wave Self-Fit

Blue Wave Swageless Cone Quick-Fit Installation Instructions

Download (243KB)