Bronze Snap Shackles

Genuine bronze snap shackles, manufactured in the UK by Brookes & Adams, the authentic traditional look
Available with Fixed Eye or Swivel Eye in 3 sizes

£ 9.45 VAT incl.

£ 10.50


Brooks & Adamas Genuine Bronze Snapshackles, manufactured in the UK

Bronze has an authentic traditional look

Ideal for use on sheets and lower loaded halyards on smaller yachts

Fixed Eye:

B & A Size Eye Length MBL
MD94/SC Small Fixed  50mm 750kg
MS126/SC Medium Fixed  63mm 1000kg
MD145/SC Large Fixed  76mm 1200kg

Swivel Eye:

B & A Size Eye Length MBL
MD172/SC Small Swivel 70mm 750kg
MD171/SC Medium Swivel 81mm 1000kg
MD/173/SC Large Swivel 101mm 1200kg