Kong Chain Gripper

Manufactured by Kong, Italy

316 marine grade stainless steel

Take the strain off your windlass 

Alleviate snatch loads at anchor

Slots over chain between two links

Secured by a locking pin

£ 22.00 inc VAT

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Kong Chain Grippers are manufactured by Kong, Italy from 316 marine grade stainless steel

The Gripper is designed to attach to your main anchor chain while at anchor, by slotting over one link, between two links with a securing pin on the further side.

The Gripper will take the strain off your windlass and absorb any shock loadswhen deployed with a suitable length of nylon or polyester line.

Kong Chain Gripper facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Alleviates the snatch on your anchor rode and your deck fittings
  • Deploy in conjunction with a nylon line comparable with your main anchor rode
  • A mooring compensator on the nylon line will further soften the snatch load
  • Kong Gripper: attach to the chain, slotting over one link and between two links as per diagram
  • Captive pin: won't be lost overboard and keeps the gripper fastened onto the chain whether it is taut or slack
  • Kong Break Load: 6-8mm 2500kg, 10-12mm 5000kg

Also available from Jimmy Green Marine spliced and finished to your requirements, ready to deploy

  1. Spliced and Finished Single Snubbing Line in 3 strand or Anchorplait Nylon
  2. Spliced and Finished Snubbing V shaped bridle in Anchorplait Nylon

The V shaped bridle centres the load by sharing the load through both bow fairleads, port and starboard

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