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8mm Chain Snubber with 12mm LIROS Anchorplait Nylon V Bridle

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Scroll down for information and guidelines on anchor snubbing

More Information

Jimmy Green Anchor Chain Snubbing Bridles are produced to order, in house, by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team from LIROS 8 Strand Nylon with the hook/grab of your choice.

They are therefore available for despatch subject to the current splicing lead time.

Specify your custom build snubbing bridle with a choice of chain hook or grab to suit 8mm anchor chain, spliced to a LIROS 12mm 8 strand Anchorplait/Octoplait nylon line which has slightly less break load than 8mm DIN766 Grade 40 anchor chain.

An anchor chain snubbing line or bridle is an essential part of anchoring in all conditions.

N.B. Chain hooks, grippers and grabs are designed to fit over one link to hold fast on the next link, and not through the link.

Please consult the size chart in conjunction with the decision-making factors in our ANCHOR RODE SIZE GUIDE to establish the optimum anchor rode and matching snubbing bridle for your yacht.

Jimmy Green Anchor Snubbing V Bridles Facts and Features:

  • V bridles are constructed to facilitate using the port and starboard fairleads and mooring cleats, leaving the bow roller free for the anchor rode
  • As the wind veers, the load transfers to the windward bridle leg and subdues the yawing effect
  • Snubbing absorbs the shock load when the anchor chain pulls tight
  • Snubbing prevents potentially damaging anchor loads from reaching your windlass
  • Snubbing softens the ride at anchor
  • Chain hooks/grabs all slot over the chain, notthrough the link
  • Plain in/out or retentive options

Jimmy Green Windlass Advisory
Allowing the windlass to take the strain of your anchor rode may result in damage to the windlass, or even the windlass letting go under load at precisely the wrong moment.

Anchor Chain Snubbing Guidelines:

  • Length - as long as practicable (5 or 6 metres is quite common) with a minimum 3 metres tail (leg) length

Tail length is defined as the distance from the centre eye splice to the end of the line in each direction
e.g. a bridle with 3m legs will be 6m long when pulled out straight with a centre eye splice in the middle.

  • Strength - similar to your Anchor Chain and Warp
  • Shock Absorption - elasticity is increased with greater length and reduced diameter
  • Extra Shock Absorption - mooring compensators (rubbers snubbers) are optional in the custom build system
  • Abrasion Resistance - anti-chafe measures are optional in the custom build system
  • N.B. If a stainless thimble will not fit and/or sit comfortably in the eye of the hook, a soft eye splice is advisable

LIROS Anchorplait White Nylon Article 01058JG is manufactured EXCLUSIVELY by LIROS Ropes with Easy Splice Markers for Jimmy Green Marine.
The 8 strand construction [2 pairs left hand, 2 pairs right hand] gives a balanced performance and no twist under tension.
Anchorplait is the rope that won't cockle. In fact, it flakes like chain.

  • square braid construction
  • non kinking
  • balanced braiding
  • spliceable to chain
  • dependable strength
  • excellent durability
  • UV and abrasion resistant
  • Excellent Shock Absorbing Elongation >20% working load stretch.

LIROS specify their manufacturer minimum break loads in Deka newtons = DaN
DaN = Deka newtons
1 Deka newton DaN actually = 1.01971621297793 (approximately 1.02) kg

01058 / 01058JG - 1000 = 2600 daN
01058 / 01058JG - 1200 = 3400 daN
01058 / 01058JG - 1400 = 4500 daN
01058 / 01058JG - 1600 = 5900 daN
01058 / 01058JG - 1800 =  7200 daN
01058 / 01058JG - 2000 = 8200 daN
01058 - 2400 = 11800daN

LIROS Break Load converted to Kg from DaN at 1:1.02 =
10mm 2652kg ~ 12mm 3468kg ~ 14mm 4590kg ~ 16mm ~ 6018kg ~ 18mm 7344kg ~ 20mm 8364kg ~ 24mm 12036kg

Available in:
Octoplait, White LIROS article 01058
Anchorplait, White with distinctive easy splice markers LIROS article 01058JG

Consult the JIMMY GREEN CHAIN SIZING INFORMATION to determine the size of your anchor chain without the need for callipers, using only a simple tape measure or ruler.

  • Purchase Type - Custom Build
  • Rope Diameter - 12mm