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Polyform Norway Fender Inflation Nozzle Adaptor

Polyform Norway Fender Inflation Nozzle Adaptor

Nozzle Adaptor to fit Polyform V10 valve

Suitable for Norway F Series 1-11 and A Series 1-5

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Polyform Fender Inflation Nozzle Adaptor

Designed to fit between e.g. a car tyre foot pump and the Polyform Norway F Series Fenders and A Series Buoys.

This adaptor is suitable for the Polyform Norway V10 valve - Polyform F Series F1–F11 and A Series A1–A5

N.B. A6, A7 and F13 have a V40 valve system and therefore require a different inflation technique.

Polyform Heavy Duty Fender - White with Navy Blue Ends

Polyform Norway Heavy Duty Buoy Fenders

Eco Friendly Product

Eco Friendly Product
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