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Wooden Plugs medium
Wooden Plugs medium

Cone shaped for plugging holes in the hull

Can prevent or slow down leaks, notably failed skin fittings

Select by general size:  Medium or Large

Each pack contains a varitey of different diameters

RORC/ARC general recommendation:

Secure one appropriately sized plug adjacent to every through-hull aperture (seacock)


More Information

Softwood plugs are cone shaped for driving into small holes in your hull to prevent or slow down leaks or water ingress.

Softwood plugs are particularly useful for failed skin fittings below or just above the waterline.

In the event of fitting failure, one of the plugs in the set should fit snugly enough to get you to shore or help.

Available in three sizes of pre-pack sets.

JGM Pack Size Part Number  Manufacturer Number of plugs in pack Pack Contents, Maximum Diameter x Length
Medium LH 20142000 Trem 10 2 x 10mm x 40mm
2 x 15mm x 50mm
2 x 22mm x 60mm
1 x 30mm x 70mm
1 x 35mm x 80mm
1 x 40mm x 100mm
1 x 48mm x 120mm
Large OS SAF0012 Ocean Safety 6 2 x 32mm x 130mm
2 x 45mm x 150mm
2 x 60mm x 150mm