Aland IslandsBaltic SeaFinland / Gulf of Bothnia£ 13.50
AlbaniaMediterranean£ 9.00
AlderneyEnglish ChannelBritish Crown Dependency / Channel Islands£ 12.00
AlgeriaMediterranean£ 7.50
AnguillaCaribbeanNorth AtlanticBritish Overseas Territory / Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles£ 10.50
AntiguaCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 10.50
ArgentinaSouth Atlantic£ 12.00
ArubaCaribbeanNetherlands / Leeward, Lesser Antilles£ 12.00
Ascension IslandSouth AtlanticBritish Overseas Territory / part of Saint Helena£ 15.00
Austral IslandsSouth PacificFrance / part of French Polynesia£ 15.00
AustraliaSouth PacificSouth Atlantic£ 10.50
AustriaEurope£ 6.00
AzoresNorth AtlanticPortugal / Mid North Atlantic£ 13.50
BahamasCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 9.00
Bahamas alternativeCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 13.50
BalearicsMediterraneanSpain / Balearic Sea£ 13.50
BarbadosCaribbeanNorth AtlanticIndependent Commonwealth Realm / Windward Islands£ 9.00
BasqueNorth AtlanticSpain / Bay of Biscay£ 12.00
BelgiumEnglish ChannelNorth Sea£ 6.00
BelizeCaribbean£ 13.50
BequiaCaribbeanNorth AtlanticSt Vincent and the Grenadines / Windward Islands£ 15.00
BermudaNorth Atlantic£ 13.50
BonaireCaribbeanNetherlands / Leeward, Lesser Antilles£ 13.50
BosniaMediterranean£ 10.50
BrazilSouth Atlantic£ 10.50
BretonEnglish Channel£ 6.00
British Indian Ocean TerritoryIndian OceanBritish Overseas Territory / comprises the Chagos Archipelago£ 15.00
British Virgin IslandsCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 13.50
BruneiSouth East Asia£ 15.00
BulgariaBlack Sea£ 6.00
CambodiaSouth East Asia£ 15.00
CanadaNorth AtlanticNorth Pacific£ 7.50
Canary IslandsNorth Atlantic£ 6.00
Cape VerdeNorth Atlantic£ 10.50
CataloniaMediterraneanSpain / Balearic Sea£ 9.00
Cayman IslandsCaribbeanBritish Overseas Territory / Greater Antilles£ 13.50
ChileSouth Pacific£ 9.00
ChinaSouth East AsiaNorth Pacific£ 9.00
Christmas IslandIndian Ocean£ 15.00
Cocos KeelingIndian Ocean£ 13.50
ColumbiaCaribbeanNorth Pacific£ 6.00
Cook IslandsSouth PacificNew Zealand / Polynesia£ 12.00
CornwallEnglish ChannelNorth Atlantic£ 7.50
CorsicaMediterranean£ 7.50
Costa RicaCaribbeanNorth Pacific£ 13.50
CroatiaMediterranean£ 9.00
CubaCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 9.00
CuracaoCaribbeanNetherlands / Leeward, Lesser Antilles£ 10.50
CyprusMediterranean£ 7.50
DenmarkNorth SeaBaltic Sea£ 6.00
DevonEnglish ChannelUnited Kingdom / Bristol Channel£ 9.00
DominicaCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 13.50
Dominican RepublicCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 13.50
DorsetEnglish Channel£ 9.00
East TimorIndian Ocean£ 15.00
Easter IslandSouth PacificChile / Polynesia£ 15.00
EcuadorSouth PacificNorth Pacific£ 13.50
EgyptMediterranean£ 9.00
EstoniaBaltic Sea£ 6.00
Faroe IslandsNorth AtlanticDenmark / Norwegian Sea£ 9.00
FijiSouth Pacific£ 13.50
FinlandBaltic Sea£ 6.00
FranceEnglish ChannelNorth Atlantic£ 6.00
French PolynesiaSouth PacificFrance / Polynesia£ 13.50
GalapagosSouth Pacific£ 6.00
Gambier IslandsSouth PacificFrance / part of French Polynesia£ 15.00
GeorgiaBlack Sea£ 10.50
GermanyNorth SeaBaltic Sea£ 6.00
GibraltarMediterraneanNorth AtlanticBritish Overseas Territory / Alboran Sea£ 12.00
GreeceMediterranean£ 6.00
GrenadaCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 10.50
GuadeloupeCaribbeanNorth AtlanticFrance / Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles£ 13.50
GuamNorth PacificUSA / Mariana Islands, Micronesia£ 13.50
GuernseyEnglish ChannelBritish Crown Dependency / Channel Islands£ 12.00
Guernsey red ensignEnglish ChannelBritish Crown Dependency / Channel Islands£ 13.50
GuyanaNorth Atlantic£ 13.50
HaitiCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 6.00
HawaiiNorth PacificUSA / Polynesia£ 15.00
HondurasNorth PacificCaribbean£ 10.50
Hong KongNorth PacificChina / China Sea£ 9.00
IcelandNorth Atlantic£ 7.50
IndonesiaSouth East Asia£ 6.00
IrelandNorth Atlantic£ 6.00
Isle of ManNorth AtlanticBritish Crown Dependency / Irish Sea£ 10.50
Isles of ScillyEnglish ChannelNorth Atlantic£ 15.00
IsraelMediterranean£ 10.50
ItalyMediterranean£ 6.00
JamaicaCaribbean£ 9.00
JapanNorth Pacific£ 7.50
JerseyEnglish ChannelBritish Crown Dependency / Channel Islands£ 12.00
Jersey red ensignEnglish ChannelBritish Crown Dependency / Channel Islands£ 13.50
KiribatiNorth PacificSouth Pacific£ 13.50
LatviaBaltic Sea£ 6.00
LebanonMediterranean£ 10.50
LithuaniaBaltic Sea£ 6.00
MadagascarIndian Ocean£ 6.00
MadeiraNorth Atlantic£ 10.50
MalaysiaSouth East AsiaIndian Ocean£ 13.50
MaldivesIndian Ocean£ 12.00
MaltaMediterranean£ 9.00
Marquesas IslandsSouth PacificFrance / part of French Polynesia£ 13.50
Marshall IslandsNorth PacificUSA / Micronesia£ 13.50
MartiniqueCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 13.50
MauritiusIndian Ocean£ 9.00
MexicoNorth Pacific£ 13.50
MicronesiaNorth PacificSouth Pacific£ 10.50
MonacoMediterranean£ 6.00
MontenegroMediterranean£ 10.50
MontserratCaribbeanNorth AtlanticBritish Overseas Territory / Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles£ 13.50
MoroccoNorth AtlanticMediterranean£ 7.50
NauruSouth Pacific£ 15.00
NetherlandsNorth Sea£ 6.00
Netherlands AntillesCaribbeanNorth AtlanticNetherlands / Leeward Islands, Leeward Antilles£ 12.00
New CaledoniaSouth PacificFrance / Coral Sea, Melanesia£ 15.00
New ZealandSouth Pacific£ 10.50
NicaraguaNorth PacificCaribbean£ 13.50
NiueSouth PacificNew Zealand / Polynesia£ 15.00
Norfolk IslandSouth PacificAustralia / Coral, Tasman Sea, Polynesia£ 12.00
NormandyEnglish Channel£ 12.00
Northern IrelandNorth AtlanticUnited Kingdom / Irish Sea£ 15.00
Northern Mariana IslandsNorth PacificUSA / Micronesia£ 15.00
NorwayNorth Sea£ 6.00
PalauNorth Pacific£ 12.00
PanamaNorth PacificCaribbean£ 10.50
Papua New GuineaSouth Pacific£ 13.50
PeruSouth Pacific£ 13.50
PhilippinesNorth Pacific£ 10.50
Pitcairn IslandSouth PacificBritish Overseas Territory / Polynesia£ 15.00
PolandBaltic Sea£ 6.00
PortugalNorth Atlantic£ 10.50
Puerto RicoCaribbeanNorth AtlanticUSA / Greater Antilles£ 10.50
RomaniaBlack Sea£ 6.00
RussiaNorth Pacific£ 6.00
SabaCaribbeanNorth AtlanticNetherlands / Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles£ 15.00
Saint AndrewNorth AtlanticNorth Sea£ 7.50
Saint BarthelemyCaribbeanNorth AtlanticFrance / Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles£ 15.00
Saint GeorgeEnglish ChannelNorth Sea£ 7.50
Saint HelenaSouth AtlanticBritish Overseas Territory / includes Ascension island£ 15.00
Saint Kitts-NevisCaribbeanNorth AtlanticCommonwealth Realm / Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles£ 10.50
Saint LuciaCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 9.00
Saint MartinCaribbeanNorth AtlanticFrance / Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles£ 10.50
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 9.00
SamoaSouth Pacific£ 12.00
SarkEnglish ChannelBritish Crown Dependency / Channel Islands£ 15.00
Scottish LionNorth AtlanticNorth Sea£ 12.00
SenegalNorth Atlantic£ 9.00
SingaporeSouth East Asia£ 10.50
Sint EustatiusCaribbeanNorth AtlanticNetherlands / Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles£ 15.00
Sint MaartenCaribbeanNorth AtlanticNetherlands / Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles£ 13.50
SloveniaMediterranean£ 10.50
Society IslandsSouth PacificFrance / part of French Polynesia£ 15.00
Solomon IslandsSouth Pacific£ 15.00
South AfricaSouth AtlanticIndian Ocean£ 10.50
Spain with crestNorth AtlanticMediterranean£ 10.50
Spain without crestNorth AtlanticMediterranean£ 6.00
SurinameNorth Atlantic£ 10.50
SwedenBaltic Sea£ 6.00
SwitzerlandEurope£ 7.50
ThailandSouth East Asia£ 9.00
TokelauSouth Pacific£ 15.00
TongaSouth Pacific£ 9.00
Trinidad and TobagoCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 9.00
Tuamotu ArchipelagoSouth PacificFrance / part of French Polynesia£ 15.00
TunisiaMediterranean£ 7.50
TurkeyMediterraneanBlack Sea£ 6.00
Turks and Caicos IslandsCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 13.50
TuvaluSouth PacificBritish Commonwealth / Polynesia£ 13.50
UkraineBlack Sea£ 6.00
UruguaySouth Atlantic£ 13.50
US SamoaSouth PacificUSA / Polynesia£ 13.50
US Virgin IslandsCaribbeanNorth AtlanticUSA / Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles£ 13.50
USANorth AtlanticNorth Pacific£ 7.50
VanuatuSouth Pacific£ 13.50
VenezuelaCaribbeanNorth Atlantic£ 9.00
VietnamSouth East Asia£ 9.00
Vietnam (South)South East AsiaVietnam / South China Sea£ 15.00
Welsh DragonNorth AtlanticUnited Kingdom / Irish Sea£ 12.00
LuxembourgEurope£ 6.00
SeychellesIndian Ocean£ 13.50
United KingdomEnglish ChannelNorth Atlantic£ 6.00
Wallis and FutunaSouth PacificFrance / Polynesia£ 15.00

Courtesy Flags

Jimmy Green Half Yard Courtesy Flags manufactured in Italy from top quality woven 100% polyester bunting, with screen printed patterns and motifs
N.B. not the shiny cheap fabric

£ 13.50 VAT incl.

£ 18.00


Calculate Delivery Cost

Jimmy Green Courtesy Flags are 45cm x 30cm (Half Yard) with the patterns and motifs screen printed on top quality 100% polyester woven bunting, not the shiny cheaper fabric.

  • Half yard size (traditional diagonal measurement) is nominal and may vary slightly due to the nature of the production/sewing process.  
  • Screen printed on one piece of flag fabric
  • Excellent definition/detail on motifs, crests and emblems
  • Top quality UV resistant 100% polyester woven bunting
  • Colourfast and fade resistant
  • Hoist reinforced with special flag webbing tape
  • Braided line sewn into the integral hoist tape creating a loop at the top and a tail at the bottom as per the photos
  • Finished with twin stitched hems (outside edges)

Over 180 different Courtesy Flags in stock and we will add more if there is any demand.

We are very happy to receive any feedback on local reaction to our courtesy flags.

You can filter the flags by Ocean or Sea (Zone).
Some Flags may appear in more than one zone e.g. Spain = North Atlantic and Mediterranean.

You can also filter the flags by their parentage where applicable e.g.
The Netherlands or Netherlands Antilles Courtesy Flag may cover St. Maarten, Statia (St. Eustatius), Saba, and Bonaire.
However, the feel good factor when you make land will more than make up for the extra price of the individual flags :-)
There is also additional local geographical information to help your search.

Where there are different options on courtesy flags we list them separately and any first hand feedback is always welcome e.g. Bermuda is normally red but is very welcome in blue.

Foreign Yachts should fly the red ensign as a courtesy flag when visiting the UK (not a Union Jack) and may also fly the red ensign for some associated British islands, dominions and territories without causing offence.

Courtesy Flag Etiquette

As a gesture of courtesy, yachts should fly the appropriate foreign national courtesy flag when they enter and sail in their waters.

There are no universal rules governing courtesy flag etiquette.
Officials interpret the rules differently from country to country, region to region, island to island or even port to port.
Failing to fly a courtesy flag or flying a courtesy flag improperly may only be considered impolite in some places but in others where it is enforced by local law, officials go as far as impounding passports or imposing fines until the proper flag (which may only be available to purchase locally at great expense) is flying on board.
Flying an undersized, faded or tatty courtesy flag may be considered worse than having no courtesy flag at all in some places.
If you are in any doubt, the best thing to do is observe other yachts from your country and even ask them for guidance.

Traditionally and logically, you should not fly a courtesy flag until your vessel is properly cleared by customs and immigration.
Until clearance is complete, you should only fly the yellow Q (quarantine) flag.
This is because you have not officially entered the new country until you are cleared through customs.
However, it is common practice, and generally speaking, courteously accepted in many countries, to hoist the courtesy flag above the Q flag in anticipation of clearing customs and immigration. 

On a yacht without any mast, the courtesy flag (or Q) should be flown at the bow.
On a mast with spreaders, the courtesy flag (or Q) should be flown at the starboard spreader.

In recent years yacht owners have been a little more adventurous in their approach to courtesy flag etiquette especially in relation to individual islands, Crown Dependencies and regions within a country including county flags in the UK.
If you are flying the local flag in the right spirit i.e. as a matter of courtesy then you are unlikely to cause offence.
In fact, it is positively welcomed in some independently minded islands and regions as a token of respect to their provincial pride.
Some locals may be particular whether it is the correct maritime ensign or the land flag but in general it is the effort made to be courteous which is important.

A burgee should take the next most senior position on a yacht which is at the main masthead.
Only one burgee should be flown on a yacht.
Burgees are now commonly flown at the starboard spreaders but this is not correct and creates a dilemmma when you wish to fly a courtesy flag because a burgee should not be flown above or below a national courtesy flag on the same halyard.
Therefore if you choose to fly your burgee at the starboard spreader you will have a dilemma in foreign waters.
This could be avoided by reeving a second flag halyard to the starboard spreader but is not strictly following flag etiquette.

It may be considered polite or even proper to fly a regional or island courtesy flag e.g. in the Channel Isles there are individual courtesy flags for each island.

There is nothing wrong with endearing yourself to the local sailors, fishermen and officialsIt's also entering into the spirit of the 'courtesy' tradition

If the region or island flag is in foreign waters then it should be flown below the National Courtesy flag e.g. Britany under France.
There may be some local exceptions to this rule e.g. Display Azores flag over Portugal flag, Canary Isles over Spain, Madeira over Portugal, Galapagos over Ecuador.
We advise you to seek local advice.
Simultaneously flying all the courtesy flags of the different countries/islands that you intend to visit on your cruise should be avoided because your intentions could easily be misinterpreted and cause offence.

If the yacht has more than one mast, the courtesy flag should be flown from the starboard spreader of the forward mast.

N.B. Only your own ensign/national flag should be flown from the stern of a yacht.

If you want to fly your regional or county flag or even your cruising club flag e.g. Cornwall, Devon, the ARC World Cruising Club then it's probably best to hoist these on the port spreader to avoid any confusion with your courtesy flag(s). This is becoming much more prevalent, is generally done in good spirit, and as such, should hopefully not cause offence.

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