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11mm DynIce Dux

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More Information

DynIce Dux is manufactured by Hampidjan Yachting Ropes, a forward thinking rope production company with a focus firmly on relentless product development, founded in Icelend in 1934.

DynIce Dux is a heat-set, pre-conditioned 12 strand synthetic fibre Dyneema® line which, according to Hampidjan, outperforms other Dyneema® SK75, SK78 and SK99 versions.
The Hampidjan special engineering process removes all the constructional elongation during manufacture, making it much stronger while delivering less stretch and creep.

The outstanding performance of DynIce Dux is the result of unrelenting development by the Hampidjan design and engineering team.
DynIce Dux has rapidly become the logical choice for sailboat rigging professionals.

Hampidjan have named this rope Dux because it loosely translates from Latin to mean the top of the class.

Hampidjan Fibre Rigging Advisory
For use as a replacement for wire standing rigging, Dynice Dux must be specified so that the working load is less than 20% of the breaking strain of the line to eliminate creep completely.
This generally means that the DynIce Dux will be a larger diameter than the wire it replaces.

DynIce Dux Facts and Features:

  • 12 strand hollowbraid construction
  • Solid, compacted composition
  • Near zero constructional stretch and creep
  • Durapur impregnated for enhanced wear resistance and UV durability
  • Easy to inspect
  • Spliceable
  • Spliced strength is very close to line break load
  • Extremely high break load, stronger size for size than any other dyneema 12 strand line
  • Ideal for wire replacement
  • Exclusive Heat-set Dyneema® SK75 technique eliminates constructional elongation
  • Manufactured in a modern rope factory by Hampidjan Ropes
The Jimmy Green Performance Chart for Hampidjan DynIce Dux
Diameter Weight MBL Spliced Strength
5mm 2.27kg 4800kg 4300kg
6mm 3.28kg 6800kg 6100kg
7mm 3.75kg 7500kg 6700kg
8mm 4.92kg 9900kg 8900kg
9mm 5.4kg 10900kg 9800kg
10mm 6.8kg 13500kg 12200kg
11mm 8.3kg 16600kg 14900kg
12mm 9.7kg 18800kg 16900kg
13mm 11.2kg 22400kg 20200kg
14mm 13.6kg 27300kg 24600kg
15mm 14.4kg 28800kg 25900kg
16mm 18.6kg 37200kg 33500kg
18mm 22.6kg 45100kg 40600kg
20mm 27.4kg 54700kg 49200kg

Weight = kg per 100 metres
MBL = Manufacturer Break Load - Hampidjan rated Linear Strength in kg , tested in accordance with ISO2307/EN919
Spliced Strength = Hampidjan rated break load after splicing

  • Purchase Type - Custom Build
  • Rope Fibre - Dyneema
  • Rope Diameter - 11mm