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Dr. Sails - Trio Allaround
Dr. Sails - Trio Allaround

Epoxy-based two-part adhesive with microspheres additive

Marine bonding putty for small composite repairs, including submersed

Everything you need for a bonding putty repair:

Contents: 2.5ml Resin, 2.5ml Hardener, Filler microspheres), Cleaner, Gloves and Spreader


More Information

DrSails Trio Allround has everything you need to turn their original adhesive into a bonding putty - a simple, fast-curing solution for small composite repairs, including when submersed in salt water.

Dr Sails Trio Allround Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Flexible, Ultra-strong bond
  • Two-component epoxy-based adhesive
  • Microspheres filler creates an adhesive putty
  • Cures in 20 minutes under extreme conditions, even in fresh or salt water
  • Ideal for repairs to FibreGlass, Sailcloth, Metal, Wood and Neoprene
  • Self-applying Kit containing everything you need for one single-use repair
  • Bond strength = 200kg/cm2
  • Volume: 5ml
  • Coverage 15xm x 15cm

Included in the Kit: 2.5ml Dr Sails Resin, 2.5ml Dr Sails Hardener, 1 Dr Sails Filler (microspheres), 1 Dr Sails Cleaner, 1 pair Dr Sails gloves and 1 Dr Sails spreader