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Yachts and Boats all require regular checks and remedial action to keep them in tip top condition.

The old adage "A stitch in time, saves nine" applies just as much for modern yachts today as when it was first mooted for sailing ships on the trade routes.

Jimmy Green Marine focus on product ranges aimed at annual maintenance, repair and renewal for hull and above deck.

Selecting the correct solution for each specific area onboard is fundamental to providing the necessary protection from the rigours of marine weather conditions.

Jimmy Green Marine recommend Hempel for specifically marine-targeted, hard wearing, value for money, protective coatings for boats and yachts.

Jimmy Green Marine offer a range of base coats, undercoats, top (finishing) coats and maintenance grease/oils for all substrates, moving parts and environments.

  • Antifouling - for continual immersion in fresh or salt water
  • Top Coat - also known as Gloss or Enamel - for providing a tough, smooth exterior finish - above the waterline
  • Undercoat and Primer - Hempel have combined the two functions into one tin - for preparing the surface for the finishing coats - for above and below the waterline 
  • Deck Paint - incorporating a very fine grit additive for a non-slip finish on decks, steps and sole (floor) boards
  • Bilge paint - specific formula for those dark, damp, places e.g. under the cabin sole, in the engine room/box, in wet lockers
  • Thinners - for thinning paint (following manufacturer guidelines) cleaning surfaces and brushes/rollers
  • Varnish - polyurethane based and traditional formula lacquers, plus hardwood oils and restorers for aesthetically-pleasing clear protection to wood - above the waterline
  • Lubricants - for ensuring all the component parts of e.g. your windlass winches and blocks

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