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Fire Safety Sticks

Eco Friendly Product
Fire Safety Stick - 50 seconds
Fire Safety Stick - 50 seconds - packaged
Fire Safety Stick - 50 seconds discharge
Fire Safety Stick 50 Benefits

Suitable on all major fire types - see below

Effective for quenching small fires before they get out of control

Light and compact with a 15 year shelf life

No messy residue, no damage

Safe, quick and easy to use


More Information

Fire Safety Stick represents the latest in fire extinguishing technology.

Fire Safety Sticks are ideal protection against fire in your boat, yacht and your home, car or caravan/motorhome because they are suitable for all major fire types (see below) and their user-friendliness expedites the dousing of small fires before they get out of control.

Fire Safety Stick benefits:

  • Works on all major fire types, specifically A B C F and Electrical Classification
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly
  • Quick reaction time
  • Light and compact
  • Lasts longer than other fire extinguishers
  • Leaves no mess, residue or damage
  • Safe and easy to use, no danger from pressurised containers
  • Simple activation
  • Safe to transport
  • No maintenance, required
  • No refilling or servicing - unlike conventional fire extinguishers
  • No expiry date
  • 15 years proven shelf life
  • Manufacturer 3 year warranty
  • Non toxic
  • Environmentally friendly

Suitable for use on the following fire types:

  • Solid materials - Plastics, Wood, Paper and textiles
  • Flammable Liquids - Oil, Petrol, Diesel and Paraffin
  • Flammable Gases - Methane, Propane and Butane
  • Electrical Fires - TVs, Computers, Kitchen Appliances
  • Cooking Oils and Fats - e.g. In the Kitchen

It is advised to aerate the room/space after use as the Fire Safety Sticks remove Oxygen from the air.
Do not use in a confined space less than 3 cubic metres.

User Intructions:
Strike the activator, point the nozzle at the base of the flames to smother the fire at its core - child's play compared with a conventional fire extinguisher.

Three Models of fire stick are available.

Model Emission Time Weight Dimensions
FSS50 50 seconds 215g 26cm x 3cm
FSS100 PRO 100 seconds 365g 33cm x 4cm

All models come with a 3 year guarantee.

Fire Stick Introduction

How to activate the Fire Safety Stick

Fire Extinguisher Comparison Chart
Type ABC Powder Foam CO2 Water Wet Chemical Fire Safety Stick
Agent Powder



CO2 H2O Potassium Carbonate Potassium Nitrate based
Model 1kg / 2kg 2 litre 2kg 5kg 6 litre FSS50, FSS100,
Weight 3.5kg 3.5kg 3.5kg 5kg 10kg 215g (FSS50)
365g (FSS100)

Discharge 7s -11s 20s 12s 10s 50s FSS50   = 50 seconds
FSS100 = 100 seconds
Maintenance Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Not required
Residue Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Pessurised Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Fire Classification






A A F A B C F Electrical

For more information about the Fire Safety Stick visit

Fire Safety Stick

Fire Safety Stick Material Data Sheet

Download (221.92KB)