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Flag Fabric - woven polyester

Flag Material - Make or Repair Flags

50cm x 50cm or 100cm x 100cm fabric squares

for on-board stowage and use

Select your colour(s)

Not the shiny nylon fabric

The proper stuff - 155 g/m 100% Woven Polyester

Fabric orders are cut from a 103cm wide roll


More Information

Jimmy Green offers flag making and flag repair fabric that is the genuine UK-manufactured article, not the cheaper shiny stuff.

Each piece will be measured and cut by the Jimmy Green Sewing Team with a tolerance of +/- 5mm.

Jimmy Green flag fabric is made from the same material as all our flags - 100% knitted/woven polyester.

Extend the working life of all your courtesy flags, ensigns and signal code flags.

Generally, the fly end gets shredded in the breeze well before the rest of the flag is worn out.

Convenient Flag Fabric squares (50cm x 50cm) will stow neatly in a locker or drawer with your sewing kit and enable you to cut out the frayed end or corner of any flag and sew in a patch to match.

100cm x 100cm fabric squares are also available for bigger flag jobs or longer voyages :-)

Available in a range of colours and manageable pieces suitable for stowing on board as part of your DIY flag making and repair kit.

Colours currently available from stock, from top left of the photo:

  • Orange - reference Q01
  • Gold - reference German Yellow Y08
  • Yellow - reference Y01
  • Red - reference R01
  • Grass Green - reference G01
  • Green - no reference
  • White - Optic White - W01
  • Black - reference X01
  • Light Blue - reference B02
  • Dark Blue - Royal Blue B07

N.B. actual colours may vary from those depicted on screen in the photograph.

References are to the Brook International Woven Flag Fabric colour chart.