Pelican Hook - stainless steel, non adjustable

316 marine grade stainless

Lever arm increases tension

includes locking ring

Length overall 85mm

Suitable size for guard rail gates

£ 11.50 inc VAT

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Stainless steel non adjustable pelican hooks provide a simple, but effective, quick release solution for guard wire gates.

Access to and from your yacht through rather than over the rail will be much improved by facilitating a gateway in your guard rail.

The overall inside length when open is longer than when locked enabling the lever arm to apply a degree of extra tension in the act of closure.

Pelican Hook Features and Plus Factors:

  • Length overall 85mm
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • Over centre lever arm design applies extra tensionon closure
  • Locking ring included
  • Excellent for guard rail gates
  • Can be pre-fitted to talurit terminals
  • Suitable for swaged and swageless fork terminals (or eyes with a connecting shackle)
  • Can be retro-fitted to a dyneema lifeline finished with a cow hitch loop
  • Smooth profile, no snagging issues

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