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Stainless Steel Dee Rings
Stainless Steel Dee Rings

AISI 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Suitable for use with 25mm, 45/50mm webbing


More Information

D Rings, also known as Dee Rings are shaped like a capital D.

The D has one straight edge for attaching the webbing.

The rounded part of the Dee can be attached to a shackle, connector or directly on to a strongpoint.

These stainless steel dee rings are very strong, break load rated by Proboat, and manufactured from corrosion resistant marine grade AISI316 stainless steel:

Proboat NumberS/S DiameterInside WidthBreak Load
ED-102907-D 5mm 25mm 800kg
ED-102917-D 6mm 50mm 1400kg
ED-102922-D 8mm 50mm 2200kg