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Blue Performance Sea Rail
Blue Performance Sea Rail

Simple to fit

Available in 3 lengths

Smart Grey Ripstop Finish

Makes leaning against a guard wire more comfortable


More Information

Yacht Guard Wire Covers

Blue Performance Sea Rail Covers make leaning against a guard wire more comfortable.

Each rail cover consists of 3 component parts:

  • Protective inner core of spiral cut plastic tube fits directly on to the wire
  • Mid layer of impervious foam suitable for lasting well in a marine environment which provides the comfortable padding
  • Outer protective sleeve of hard wearing, ripstop nylon fabric with drawstrings to prevent any lateral movement

Fitting is simple:

  1. Thread the inner spiral tube and the mid layer foam on to the guard wire
  2. Attach the ripstop cover by firmly marrying the two velcro parts together
  3. Fasten the drawstrings to keep it in place

Available in 3 lengths:
1 metre
1.5 metre
2 metre