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Hamma Regatta Machine Swage Toggle Forks

Hamma Regatta Machine Swage Toggle Forks

Constructed from grade 316 stainless steel and manufactured using the latest cutting edge technology.

High corrossion resistant.

See chart for dimensions.

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Hamma Regatta Toggle Fork

Hamma Regatta Machine Swage Toggle Forks Dimensions
Item Wire Size A B C E L
4mm - 5/16" 4mm 8mm 9mm 35mm 12mm 105mm
5mm - 5/16" 5mm 8mm 9mm 35mm 12mm 115mm
5mm - 3/8" 5mm 9.5mm 11mm 40.5mm 14mm 123.5mm
6mm - 3/8" 6mm 9.5mm 11mm 40.5mm 14mm 134.5mm
6mm - 7/16" 6mm 11mm 14mm 49mm 16mm 150mm
6mm - 1/2" 6mm 12.7mm 14mm 49mm 16mm 150mm
7mm - 7/16" 7mm 11mm 14mm 49mm 18mm 162mm
7mm - 1/2" 7mm 12.7mm 14mm 49mm 18mm 162mm
8mm - 1/2" 8mm 12.7mm 14mm 49mm 18mm 176mm
8mm - 5/8" 8mm 16mm 18mm 61mm 21mm 194mm
10mm - 5/8" 10mm 16mm 18mm 61mm 21mm 220mm
10mm - 3/4" 10mm 19mm 22mm 70mm 24mm 235mm
12mm - 3/4" 12mm 19mm 22mm 70mm 24mm 262mm
12mm - 7/8" 12mm 22mm 25mm 75mm 29mm 274mm
14mm - 7/8" 14mm 22mm 25mm 75mm 29mm 297mm
16mm - 1" 16mm 25mm 28mm 92mm 31.5mm 344mm
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