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hamma™ Side Opening Snapshackles
hamma™ Side Opening Snapshackles

Based on Navtec Norseman Gibb design

17-4PH electro-polished stainless steel

Side Opening

Standard bail only

Length overall:

Size 1 64mm
Size 2 96.5mm
Size 3 124mm


More Information

Hamma™ Standard Bail Side Opening Snapshackles are a direct copy of the universally popular but long-discontinued Navtec design.

The Hamma brand is rapidly becoming recognised as a mark of quality for marine-grade stainless steel components fit for the demands of modern-day yachting.

Hamma™ manufacture their marine grade stainless steel components in their expansive, state-of-the-art factory in Thailand. 

Hamma™ have a highly skilled engineering team dedicated to the design of tensile stainless steel solutions.

The Hamma™ production team undertake every step in the manufacturing process under strict quality control to ISO 9001:2008 with ISO 17025 certification.

Hamma Side Opening 17-4PH Snap Shackle Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • High Tensile Strength 17-4PH stainless steel
  • Electro-polished finish
  • Swivel head for rotation
  • Original Norseman Gibb Shape and Design
  • Simple plunger pin release with clevis ring for attaching a lanyard
  • Ergonomic snap closure

Hamma Side Opening Snapshackle Dimensions

Hamma™ Size Throat Width Bail Width Thickness Length MBL
HM-903-01S Size 1 16.5mm 14mm 9mm 64mm 2200kg
HM-903-02S Size 2 21mm 20mm 11mm 96.5mm 4100kg
HM-903-03S Size 3 24.5mm 25.4mm 14mm 124mm 6100kg

MBL = Manufacturer (Hamma™) Break Load
Length = Length overall